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My research employs remotely sensed data and field measurements to map and describe the distribution, composition, structure and dynamics of forests in Canada (SW coastal British Columbia), Madagascar (Ambaro/Ambanja Bays, Mahajamba Bay, Maintirano, Tsiribihina-Manombolo Delta, Velondriake, Ambondrolava), the UAE (Abu Dhabi, all northern Emirates) and the USA (all of Massachusetts, New York State Adirondack mountains). In Canada and the USA, these efforts have supported the management of forested ecosystems and enhanced further research possibilities within National and Provincial/State Park systems. In Madagascar, my research also involves estimating total carbon stocks for mangrove ecosystems and investigating the natural and anthropogenic causes of mangrove loss.  Research efforts in Madagascar contribute to applied conservation initiatives through Blue Ventures’ Blue Forests Project, which aims to secure and sustain long-term livelihoods, safeguard biodiversity and mitigate climate change through mangrove conservation, restoration and managed-use.

At Portland State University (Portland, Oregon), I taught Old Growth Forest Ecology and Management.

At UBC, I taught Geospatial Data Analysis (GEM530) the Geoinformatics Seminar Series (GEM580) and Project Proposal Development & Proof of Concept (GEM599). I have also co-taught Remote Sensing for Ecosystem Management (FRST443/GEM520) and  certain modules (e.g., citizen science) in Landscape Ecology & Management (GEM500). 

In 2017, I taught remote sensing at two of our partner Universities in China – Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University and Nanjing Forestry University. 

Outside the formal University setting, I’ve helped organize and lead geospatial and forest science training for colleagues, students, interns and volunteers, and members of numerous coastal communities.

Research Areas

forest structure
tree species composition/distribution
forest dynamics
mangrove carbon stocks
mangrove ecosystem variability


The Blue Forests Project
January, 2011

Working to secure and sustain long-term livelihoods, safeguard biodiversity and mitigate climate change through mangrove conservation, restoration and managed-use.

Professional Affiliations

Blue Ventures Conservation, Adviser: Geospatial and Blue Forests Science


Canadian Remote Sensing Society (CRSS) Best PhD Thesis , 2011
Clark University: Graduation cum laude with High Honours , 2005

Previous Students, Post Doctoral Fellows and Research Assistants

·   Cristiani, 2017. Mapping seagrass distribution in Barkley Sound, BC.  MSc – Directed Study. Project supervisor. 


·   Pardo et al., 2016. Characterizing mangrove loss in the Mangoky River Delta, Madagacsar, 2000-2015. MA – Landscape Ecology and Management Project. Project co-supervision.    


·   Landesman, 2016. Characterizing mangrove distribution and change in Antsohihy, Madagascar. BA – Senior Honor’s Thesis. Clark University. Thesis co-supervision.


·   Thomas, 2015. A review of mangrove governance and management initiatives in Madagascar: lessons learned and suggestions for the way forward. MSc. University of Edinburgh. Thesis supervisor.


·   Cunningham, 2015. Mapping transition potential of coastal land-cover to pond aquaculture in southeast Asia using Landsat data. MSc. Clark University. Thesis co-supervision.


·   Ratefinjanahary, 2015. Assessment of the soil organic carbon of mangroves in Ambaro-Ambanja bays. DEA. University of Antananarivo. Thesis co-supervision.


·   Ravelonjatovo, 2015. Assessment of the above-ground biomass of mangrove in Ambaro-Ambanja bays. DEA. University of Antananarivo. Thesis co-supervision.


·   Andriamitantsoa, 2015. Evaluation of above- and below-ground carbon stocks of mangrove forests in Ambaro-Ambanja and Mahajamba Bays. DEA. University of Toliara. Thesis co-supervision.


·   Rabarison, 2014. Comparing methods for determining soil organic carbon: Walkley Black versus Loss on Ignition. DEA. University of Antananarivo. Thesis co-supervision.


·   Buame, Linda. 2014. Using remote sensing to assess the design of Bacalar Chico National Park and Marine reserve at the seascape level. MSc. Ghent University. Thesis co-supervision.


·   Teoh, 2014. Assessing the impact of anthropogenic degradation on mangrove carbon stocks in northwestern Madagascar. BSc Senior Thesis. Imperial College London.  Project co-supervision.


·   Haingonirina, 2013. Evaluation of carbon stocks in the mangrove soil in Ambaro/Ambanja and Mahajamba Bay, Madagascar. DEA. University of Toliara. Thesis co-supervision.


·   Winders, 2013. A comparison of qualitative and quantitative ecological assessment methods of mangroves in southwestern Madagascar. BSc Senior Thesis. Gettysburg College. Project co-supervision.


·   Jablonska, 2013. Effectiveness of sub-pixel analysis in detecting mangrove forest degradation based on Landsat 7 ETM+ study. MSc. Cranfield University. Thesis co-supervision.


·   Ranoelison, 2012. Estimating the carbon stock of Madagascar’s mangroves: Melaky Region. DEA. University of Antananarivo. Thesis co-supervision.


·   Rajoelina, 2012. Estimating the soil organic carbon stock of Madagascar’s mangroves: Melaky Region. DEA. University of Antananarivo. Thesis co-supervision.


·   Ratovoson, 2012. Mapping Madagascar’s mangroves for REDD+: Melaky Region. DEA. University of Antananarivo. Thesis co-supervision.


·   Rakotomanana, 2012. Contextualizing mangrove deforestation and degradation: Melaky Region. DEA. University of Antananarivo. Thesis co-supervision.


·   Roy, 2012. Study of the socio-economic impacts of REDD+ for Madagascar’s mangrove ecosystems. MSc. Institut Catholique des Arts et Metiers. Thesis co-supervision


·   Marq, 2012. Contribution to the socio-economic and political feasibility of mangrove REDD+ projects: Madagascar’s Bay of Assassins. MSc. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. Thesis co-supervision.


·   Gandhi, 2012. Preparing for REDD+: Identifying and mapping human threats to mangrove habitats. MSc. Kings College. Thesis co-supervision.


Current Courses

Landscape Ecology & Management (GEM500) (Summer Term II; Remote Sensing and Citizen Science modules) (supporting Sarah Gergel)


Remote Sensing for Ecosystem Management (FRST443; GEM520) (Winter Term I, II; supporting Nicholas Coops and Piotr Tompalski)



Selected Publications

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