Forest Sciences Centre 2931
2424 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4
work phone: 6048226109

Areas of research include:

  • Supply chain management
  • Mathematical modeling and optimization
  • Multi-criteria decision making
  • Simulation
  • Life cycle assessment


Coordinated and synchronized operational level planning of forest-based biomass supply chains Current
April, 2019March, 2023


Model based optimization of operational level harvest planning and integration with tactical level planning Current
September, 2019August, 2023

Mitacs and Western Forest Products

Breakthrough technologies to increase Canadian renewable natural gas production from forest residues Current
December, 2019March, 2021

NRCan Clean Growth

Eco-design and life cycle engineering Completed
January, 2019June, 2019

PWI and Embassy of France in Canada

Evaluation of wood waste recovery strategies using multi-criteria decision making Completed
June, 2018December, 2018

NSERC-Engage (City of Vancouver)

Analysis and optimization of biomass logistics Completed
June, 2017December, 2017

NSERC-Engage (Nexterra)

Operational level transportation, inventory and processing optimization of forest biomass supply chain Completed
March, 2016September, 2016

NSERC-Engage (Cloverdale Fuel)

Use of Simulation modeling to analyze the effect of staff changes Completed
January, 2015July, 2015

Mitacs and Weyerhaeuser

Process flow improvement at a Parallam mill using simulation modeling Completed
July, 2015December, 2015

Mitacs and Weyerhaeuser

Integrated and sustainable forest biomass supply chain planning Completed
April, 2014March, 2019


Analysis of forest biomass supply chains Completed

NSERC-Strategic Network on Value Chain Optimization (Transfer Project)

Economic, social and environmental optimization of forest biomass value chain Completed

NSERC-Strategic Network on Value Chain Optimization

Value chain optimization at Capital Power Completed

Capital Power

Utilization of C&D waste to produce biofuels Completed
May, 2018December, 2018

City of Vancouver

Evaluating potential partnerships in forest products value chains Completed

NSERC-Strategic Network on Value Chain Optimization

Information technology investments in wood industry Completed

Centre for Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship

Feasibility study of wood pellet production in BC Completed

Korea Wood Pellet Corporation

Optimization of forest biomass supply chain – incorporating uncertainties Completed
April, 2009March, 2014


Assessment of an integrated forest biomass supply and logistics model Completed

Canadian Bureau for International Education

Assessment of information technology investments using multi-criteria decision making Completed

Centre for Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship

Modeling of off-gassing for wood pellets Completed


Job costing system in a wood manufacturing company Completed

Raywal Cabinets

Life Cycle Analysis of windows for North American residential market Completed

NRCan-Value to Wood

Efficiency measurement and improvement in the Canadian wood industry Completed
April, 2004March, 2009


International Smart-fm Completed


Professional Affiliations

Engineers and Geoscientists of BC
Canadian Operational Research Society CORS
Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences INFORMS


Canadian Operational Research Society Service Award , 2012
UBC Killam Teaching Prize 2011-12, Faculty of Forestry Nominee: Runner up , 2011
Award for outstanding application of Operational Research – Second prize – Canadian Operational Research Society , 2006

Current Graduate Students

Sahar Ahmadvand, PhD
Uncertainties in forest-based biomass supply chain optimization
Salar Ghotb, PhD
Optimization of log logistics planning
Rohit Arora, PhD
Optimization of harvest scheduling
Maziyar Khadivi, MASc
Forest-based biomass for renewable natural gas production

Previous Students, Post Doctoral Fellows and Research Assistants

  • Krishna Malladi, PhD
  • Shaghaygh Akhtari, PhD
  • Claudia Cambero, PhD
  • Mehdi Piltan, PhD
  • Nazanin Shabani, PhD
  • Mahdi Mobini, PhD
  • Mahmood Ebadian, PhD
  • Saeed Ghafghazi, PhD
  • Evelyn Gao, MSc
  • Luke Opacic, MSc
  • Diana Siller, Msc
  • Shaghaygh Akhtari, MASc
  • Richard Hewitt, MSc
  • Pooria Assadi, MASc
  • Mohammadhossein Mahmoudi, MASc
  • James Salazar, MSc
  • Saba Vahid, MASc
  • Neda Salehirad, MASc
  • Shaghaygh Akhtari, Postdoc fellow
  • Adindu Emagolu, Postdoc fellow
  • Olivier Quirion-Blais, Postdoc fellow
  • Yan Maier, Visiting scholar
  • Dan Yu, Visiting scholar
  • Mahdi Mobini, Visiting scholar
  • Tim Schroeder, Visiting scholar
  • Mariane Hans Alexandre, Visiting scholar
  • Laura Hombach, Visiting scholar
  • Frederik Trippe, Visiting scholar
  • Jorn Meyer, Visiting scholar
  • Bjorn Nilsson, Visiting scholar
  • Carolina Casas Cordero, Visiting scholar
  • Sebastian Delmas, Visiting scholar
  • Azamdokht Safi Samghabadi, Visiting scholar

Current Courses

Winter 2020

WOOD330 Industrial Engineering Sections

Use of industrial engineering concepts and methods to analyze and improve organizations, including operations strategy and competitiveness, quality control, work measurement, inventory management, linear programming, sensitivity analysis, transportation problems, and capacity planning.

Winter 2020

WOOD440 Engineering Economics Sections

Use of engineering economics to evaluate investment proposals of an engineering nature, including decision making processes, time value of money, cash flow analysis, comparison methods, depreciation, replacement analysis, taxes, inflation and sensitivity analysis.

Winter 2020

WOOD492 Modelling for Decision Support Sections

Applications of mathematical modelling, optimization, and simulation in forest planning and manufacturing; formulating models and interpreting results for decision support.

Selected Publications

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