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My past research has examined the effects of logging in high elevation and low elevation forests on carabid beetle communities and species.  I am particularly interested in how ecological pressures can shift the investment of resources in insects.  Reproductive and somatic changes may be tangible long before declines in population sizes are noted, driving species to change life history patterns.

I am also interested in the pedagogical inquiry into affective domain learning of students engaged in experiential learning.  My involvement with the CONS 451 field school has demonstrated the diversity and depth of learning that is possible in experiential learning, but there remains some disagreement in pedagogical literature as to the benefits of experiential learning across the spectrum of learning environments.

This year, I launched a new field school, CONS 453, which examines the impact of conservation and forest resources management on the livelihoods of people and the vast biodiversity of India. In this 6 credit course, students are given two weeks of pre-trip instruction before they spend three weeks abroad in India.

We travel to both North and South India to meet with forestry practitioners, researchers, and local people to learn about the complexities of conservation and forest management.


BC Invertebrates at Risk Recovery Team

I am currently engaged in small projects in collaboration with the BC Invertebrates at Risk Recovery Team, working on the enumeration of newly-discovered Taylor’s Checkerspot butterflies and Oregon Forestsnail populations in British Columbia.

Unit Associations

Faculty of Forestry – Safety Committee


Killam Teaching Prize , 2012

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Selected Publications

Lori Daniels and Suzie Lavallee (2014). Better safe than sorry: Planning for safe and successful fieldwork Ecological Society of America Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America
Daniels, L.D., H. Erasmus, B. Forge, G.A. Greene and S. Lavallee. (2014). Monitoring fire intensity and severity: 2013 prescribed burn at the Westside Unit, Vaseux-Bighorn National Wildlife Area Report to the Canadian Wildlife Service, Delta, BC. October 2014. 28p.
Lavallee, S.M., and J.S. Richardson (2010). Relative abundance and movement of the carabid beetle Scaphinotus angusticollis in managed, coniferous riparian forests of southwestern British Columbia. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 40:611-618