Dr Susan D Day

Program Director for Bachelor of Urban Forestry
Research Interests:
Forest Sciences Centre
2424 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4
work phone: 6048226652

My work focuses on below-ground systems of urban forests and how they affect ecosystem service provision. This focus allows me to address a variety of contemporary challenges faced by cities in managing their urban forests. Particular interests are stormwater management as mediated by the below-ground system, soil carbon, managing urban soils during land development, and manufactured, blended and engineered soils. As part of the soils technical committee for the Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES®), I helped develop sustainability standards for soils during site development. I have a long-standing interest in linking design and ecological processes to solve urban problems and my teaching and research reflect this interest. I enjoy working closely cities and private practice to help address the many challenges of the urban environment.

Research Areas

urban soils
stormwater management
greeninfrastructure design
soil carbon
land development

Current Courses

Winter 2019

FRST537C Topics in Forest Management - TPCS FRST MGMT Sections

Winter 2019

UFOR300 Arboriculture Principles and Practice Sections

Sustainable practice within the arboricultural discipline with emphasis on a comprehensive understanding of techniques and equipment used in a range of arboricultural operations.

Winter 2019

UFOR400 Urban Forestry Field School Sections

Development of field skills, professional judgment, critical reflection, and integration of theory, practice, and policy. Offered at Malcolm Knapp Research Forest over a 7-day period in April.

Winter 2019

UFOR449C Directed Studies in Urban Forestry - DIR ST URB FRST Sections

In special cases and with the approval of the instructor concerned, a student may carry out directed studies on a specific topic/problems in Urban Forestry and related greenspace planning, management, or governance.

Winter 2019

UFOR401 Integrated Urban Forestry Capstone Studio Sections

Integration of biophysical and socio-economic components of urban greenspace management and planning through within a collaborative holistic group project linked to a real-world urban forestry situation.


Selected Publications

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