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Forest Sciences Centre 2036
2424 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4
work phone: 6048223559

The study of mechanics is the study of forces that cause motion. In the natural environment the functions that relate forces to motions can be very complicated. Studying the movement of a tree subject to wind loads or the flow of water through a natural soil are very interesting subjects for me. These subjects are often best posed as problems in continuum mechanics. In addition, with the increased mechanization of harvesting operations the mechanics of machinery is becoming very important. Analytical mechanics can be used to develop the equations of motion for a machine. With the equations of motion it is possible to better understand the interactions of the machine with the environment.

I have over eleven years of professional experience in forest operations including cruising, engineering, road construction, and logging. Thus, operations research in forestry is also interesting to me. Given the long periods between harvests and the numerous constraints on harvesting operations, it is important to find robust solutions to scheduling and harvesting problems.


The mechanics of anisotropic materials applied to the management of forests


Professional Affiliations

Canadian Institute of Forestry CIF
Council on Forest Engineering COFE

Current Graduate Students

Gregory Demille, MSc
Cosmin Man, PhD
Forest Carbon Modelling. (investigating carbon offset strategies for UBC’s Malcolm Knapp and Fraser Research Forests)

Current Courses

Summer 2018
No FRST course(s) were found for S2018 term.

Selected Publications

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