Forest Sciences Centre 4619
2424 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4
phone: 6048275687

Integrated approaches to natural resources management, landscape approaches, integrating science into natural resources decision making.

Research Areas

Tropical forest conservation
Reconciling conservation and development in tropical forest landscapes
Forest conservation in Indonesia


Sustainable landscapes in Indonesia Current
January, 2010

Long term studies of development and change in Indonesian forest landscapes.

Landscape transitions in West and Central Africa Current
January, 2000

Long-term studies of forest transitions in Ghana and the Congo basin

New approaches to conservation science Current
January, 2000

Organisation and management of science to support sustainable development and biodiversity conservatoin

Professional Affiliations

International Forestry Review, Chairman, Editorial board
Routledge – Earthscan, forestry publications, Editor

Current Courses


Other Courses and Workshops

New Approaches to conservation science; university of Indonesia, August 2018

Selected Publications

Dwi Amalya Sari, Margules, Sayer and Boedhihartono (2019). Determining the effectiveness of forst landscape governance, a case study from the Sendang landscape in South Sumatra, Indonesia Forest policy and economics
Dwi Amalya Sari, Agni Boedhihartono and Jeffrey Sayer (2018). Criteria and Indicators to audit the performance of multi-functional forest landscapes Routledge
Langston, Riggs, Margules, Boedhihartono and Sayer (2018). Science embedded in local forest landscape management improves benefit flows to society Frontiers in Forests and Global Change
Bull, Elliott, Cashore, Bueno, Langston, Riggs, Boedhihartono and Sayer (2018). Global forest discourses must connect with local forest realities International Forestry Review
Boedhihartono, Sayer et al (2018). Conservation science and practice must engage with the realities of complex tropical landscapes Tropical Conservation Science