Holger Griess

Forest Sciences Centre 4613
2424 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4
phone: 6048223047

Current Courses

Winter 2019

FOPR464 Operational Planning and Management Sections

A comprehensive overview of operational planning, financial and contractual management. Includes an experiential learning opportunity that focuses on critical thinking and teamwork. These skills combined with the theoretical course content are applied in a practical application with an external stakeholder.

Winter 2019

FOPR264 Introduction to Forest Operations Sections

Basic geomatics, surveying and forest operations.

Winter 2019

FOPR362 Harvesting Systems and Forest Access Sections

The mechanics and productivity of a broad range of forest harvesting systems combined with topics on forest access.

Winter 2019

FRST452 Coastal Field School Sections

Site diagnosis and preparation of management options in coastal forests. Extrasessional course; fees will be assessed to meet expenses.


Selected Publications