Elizabeth Wolkovich

Associate Professor

Current Courses

Winter 2019

CONS310 Ecology in a Changing Climate Sections

Impact of climate change on ecological systems. Builds framework for understanding past and future changes following fundamental organizing units of ecology - individuals, populations, species, communities, and ecosystems.


Selected Publications

AK Ettinger*, I Chuine, BI Cook, JS Dukes, AM Ellison, MR Johnston, AM Panetta, CR Rollinson, Y Vitasse, EM Wolkovich (senior author) (2019). How do climate change experiments alter plot‐scale climate? Ecology Letters 22 (4)
T Jonathan Davies, James Regetz, Elizabeth M Wolkovich, Brian J McGill (2019). Phylogenetically weighted regression: A method for modelling non‐stationarity on evolutionary trees Global Ecology and Biogeography 28 (2)
EM Wolkovich & I. Morales-Castilla* (2019). Why variety diversity is critical to winegrowings warmer future Wine & Viticulture Journal Summer Issue
EM Wolkovich (2019). The future of spring Branchlines
EM Wolkovich, I García de Cortázar-Atauri, I Morales-Castilla*, KA Nicholas, T Lacombe (2018). From Pinot to Xinomavro in the worlds future wine-growing regions Nature Climate Change 8 (1)
Heather M Kharouba, Johan Ehrlén, Andrew Gelman, Kjell Bolmgren, Jenica M Allen, Steve E Travers, Elizabeth M Wolkovich (senior author) (2018). Global shifts in the phenological synchrony of species interactions over recent decades Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 (2)
DFB Flynn*, EM Wolkovich (2018). Temperature and photoperiod drive spring phenology across all species in a temperate forest community New Phytologist 219 (4)
AK Ettinger*, S Gee*, EM Wolkovich (senior author) (2018). Phenological sequences: how early‐season events define those that follow American Journal of Botany 105 (10)