Professor (urban forestry)
Program Director, Master of Urban Forestry Leadership
Project leader of the UFORIA (Urban Forestry Research In Action) lab at UBC

For the past 25 years I have studied, taught and advised on the role of trees and green space in our cities and towns. My particular interests include green space governance (including community involvement), people-nature relationships and cultural ecosystem services, and urban forestry and urban greening. My work has brought me across the globe and I have always worked in close dialogue with decision-makers and practitioners, and I am eager to develop new research that has high practical relevance. Before coming to UBC, I worked at Wageningen University (Netherlands), the European Forest Institute (Finland), the University of Copenhagen (Denmark), the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Sweden), and the University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong, China).

My research and teaching at UBC focus on some of the aspects above. I will e.g, teach the UFOR 100 introduction course, the UFOR 402 course on urban forest governance, legislation and administration, and other courses in UBC’s urban forestry program. From July 2017 until December 2018, I served as Program Director for the Bachelor of Urban Forestry. I am currently heading the development of a new Master of Urban Forestry Leadership.

Research Areas

Urban forestry
Urban green space governance
Green infrastructure planning
Cultural ecosystem services
Place making and keeping
People and nature relations in urban societies


Routledge Handbook on Urban Forestry Completed
January, 2016April, 2017

Together with Francesco Ferrini and Alessio Fini (both University of Florence) I edited a new Handbook on Urban Forestry, with 35 chapters by over 50 authors on all aspects of urban forestry.

GREEN SURGE – Green Infrastructure and Urban Biodiversity for Sustainable Urban Development and the Green Economy Completed
November, 2013October, 2017

I was the PI and Project Coordinator of this European-Union funded research project until my move to UBC. During the final stages of this project (which ends in November 2017) I am still contributing to some of the outputs and publications. Moreover I am a member of the project’s scientific advisory group.

An integrated approach to urban forestry for ecosystem-based adaptation Current
December, 2016September, 2020

This project led by postdoctoral fellow Tahia Devisscher adopts an innovative integrated approach to study social-ecological interactions that can enhance the management of urban forests for climate adaptation. Vancouver is one of the case studies.

The role of women in arboriculture and urban forestry Current
December, 2016December, 2019

Project led by postdoctoral fellow Adrina Bardekjian. This research looks into the current role of women in the fields and professions of arboriculture and urban forestry, with focus on North America.

UBC campus tree inventory Current
May, 2017December, 2020

This joint effort with UBC Campus & Community Planning and the SEEDS programme aims to carry out a full, step-wise inventory and assessment of the urban forest at UBC’s Vancouver campus. As a first step, trees in the Stadium Neighbourhood were inventoried.

Do Rainbows Come in Green? Urban Forests and Multicultural Citizenship Completed
June, 2017December, 2017

This International Research Roundtable, funded and hosted by the Peter Wall Institute of Advanced Studies, will bring together experts and stakeholders from across the globe to discuss diversity challenges and opportunities in urban forestry. The event will was held in October 2017. An associated SSHRC Connection Grant provided further support to the event, and the development of a network and future research.

Carbon accounting – including Canada’s urban forests Completed
October, 2017March, 2018

Project funded by Environment Canada and led by Tree Canada. The aim is to improve carbon accounting of urban forests and urban forestry, as part of Canada’s overall carbon accounting for forests. Moreover, proposals will be developed for future policy and urban forest assessment.

Urban Forest Governance in Canadian Cities – Managing for Success and Handling Calamities Current
June, 2018December, 2019

SSHRC-funded project on urban forest governance in selected Canadian cities.

Professional Affiliations

Springer Future City book series, Series Editor, July 2016
Urban Forestry & Urban Greening, Editor-in-chief, June 2002
IUFRO Research Group 6.07 (urban forestry), Deputy coordinator (and previously coordinator), September 2000
Canadian Institute of Forestry, Member, October 2016
International Society of Arboriculture, Member of the Board of Directors, August 2017
Urban Forestry Advisory Panel, Greening, Landscape and Tree Management Section, Goverment of Hong Kong, International member, January 2017
The Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry, International Fellow, December 2014

Current Graduate Students

Jehane Samaha, MSc
The current and potential impacts of public gardens on the biodiversity of urban forests
Zach Wirtz, MSc
Urban forest governance – models for innovation and dealing with urban forest calamities
Hyeone Park, PhD
Urban food forestry for urban resilience (co-supervised with Jeanine Rhemtulla)
Qunyue Liu, PhD
Urban forests and human health on campus (visiting Chinese PhD scholar, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University)
Leila Todd, PhD
Municipal urban forestry (to be detailed)
Shuping Huang, PhD
Urban forests as cultural landscapes (visiting Chinese PhD scholar, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University)
Sophie Nitoslawski, PhD
Assessing trade-offs between urban densification and urban forest creation
Alice Miao, MSc
Seeking ‘Urban Forests’ in BC Coastal Municipal Policy: A Forest Inventory Perspective
Cindy Cheng, PhD
Urban forest governance and ecosystem services: international comparison
Dan Ye, MSc
Urban forest use and social cohesion (visiting student)
Ziru Chen, PhD
Environmental quality assessment and analysis methods of urban greening space (visiting student)
Yui Omori, MSc
Urban forestry, services, and design (visiting student)
Maria Jose Aguilar Carrasco , PhD
Accessibility of national parks to people with lower mobility (visiting student)

Post Doctoral Fellows and Research Assistants

Tahia Devisscher (Post doc) – An integrated approach to urban forestry for ecosystem-based adaptation
Adrina Bardekjian (Post doc) – The role of women in arboriculture
Weicong Fu (Post doc) – Assessing environmental and cultural values of urban forests
Lorien Nesbitt (Post doc) – Carbon accounting for Canada’s urban forests / Urban forest governance
Rafael Fernandez Alvarez (Post doc) – Urban forest governance in Mexico City and Vancouver

Previous Students, Post Doctoral Fellows and Research Assistants

Past members of the UFORIA lab included:

Nuria Monica Navarro, Master student, Assessment of the urban forest of Mexico City, its benefits and public preferences (completed in autumn 2017)

Ya (Alice) Nao, Visiting PhD student, Analysis of the governance and impacts of the Beijing afforestation program

Elliot Bellis, student research assistant (co-op)
Thomas Ikeda, student research assistant
Alice Miao, student research assistant
Alexis Naveau, student research assistant (visiting overseas student)
Reg Eddy, work-learn student


During my past employments in Denmark and Sweden I’ve had the pleasure to (co-)supervise the following PhD students in their research on aspects of urban forestry and urban greening: Nor Akmar Abdul Aziz, Adrina Bardekjian, Johnson Chan, Hanna Fors, Natalie Gulsrud, April Jackson, Zanariah Jasmani, Christian P. Kjoeller, Silvija Krajter Ostoic, Anna Levinsson, Li Liu, Victoria Lygum, Helena Mellqvist, Sreetheran Maruthaveeran, Maja Steen Moeller, Julie F. Molin, Christine Nuppenau, Martyna Surma and Na Xiu. In addition, I have (co-)supervised over 20 Master students in completing their thesis.

Current Courses

UFOR 100 – Greening the City (winter term), with Lorien Nesbitt

UFOR 400 – Urban forestry field camp (summer, with Cathy Koot and Sara Barron)

UFOR 402 – Urban forestry administration, policy and law (spring term)


Winter 2018

UFOR100 Greening the City Sections

Roles played by urban forestry and greenspace systems in a rapidly changing world; topics include urban ecology, urban forest conservation, urban forest management, climate change, society and human well-being, design and planning, urban/rural interface issues, and urban forest policy.

Other Courses and Workshops

Annual Urban Forestry Design Challenge (with the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point) – first edition in August 2018.

Selected Publications

Cecil C. Konijnendijk (2018). The Forest and the City: the cultural landscape of urban woodland (2nd, updated edition) Springer, Berlin
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