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Intu has a multidisciplinary background (Anthropology, Fine Arts, Cinematography and Natural Sciences). She has a Doctorate in Ethnology & Visual Anthropology from the University of Paris 7, France. She went to the Ecole National Superieure des Beaux-Arts and the University of Paris 7 in France to pursue her passion in arts, culture, people and sciences. Intu subsequently worked for the United Nations Environment Program and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature in Switzerland. Intu joins UBC after spending eight years running a master’s program in Development Practice at James Cook University in tropical northern Australia
Intu has worked with multidisciplinary teams in remote locations in tropical landscapes and seascapes in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Intu has focussed on issues with indigenous people and local communities, particularly on the importance of their traditional knowledge and wise practices in natural resources management and the conservation of their cultural diversity. Intu’s research has sought to enable forest dependent people, coastal communities and indigenous groups to achieve a balance between conservation and social, cultural and economic development.
Intu uses visual techniques to explore landscape scenarios and other participatory methods to maximize the involvement of diverse stakeholder groups. Her goal is to have an influence on global efforts to support indigenous people and local communities to improve their livelihoods whilst retaining their identity, cultural diversity, traditional knowledge, environment and natural assets.

Research Areas

Tropical Landscapes and Livelihoods – Indonesia and the Congo Basin
Reconciling Conservation and Development in Tropical Landscapes and Seascapes
Traditional Communities and the Changing World
Local Governance to Enhance Performance of Indigenous Forest Management in Delivering Multiple Benefits


Landscape transitions in the Congo Basin Current

Sustainable landscapes in the Congo Basin

Indigenous people and governance Current

Local governance to enhance natural resource management

Tropical landscapes and Livelihoods Current

Cultural Diversity of Traditional Communities in Eastern Indonesia

Current Courses

FRST519 Forests and Society
FRST526 Internship or Directed Study Project

Selected Publications

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