Head of Department, Forest Resources Management
Professor, Department of Forest and Conservation Sciences
Research Interests:
Forest Sciences Centre
2424 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4
work phone: 604-822-1821
fax: 604-822-9102

Research Areas:

  • Tree domestication
  • Tree improvement delivery system
  • Seed orchards’ genetics
  • Tree breeding
  • Association genetics and genomic selection


Development of advanced generation seed orchard designs
In situ wood quality assessment
Seed orchard’s genetic efficiency
Seed dormancy
Association genetics of biofuel attributes
Genomic selection

Unit Associations

Forest Genetics and Breeding
Genetic Data Center GDC

Professional Affiliations

Canadian Institute of Forestry (CIF)
International Union of Forest research Organizations, Divisin 2, Coordinator (IUFRO), Division 2, Coordinator


International Union of Forest Research Organizations Scientific Achievement Award , 2010
Professor Honoris Causa – The Czech University of Life Sciences Praue , 2011

Current Graduate Students

Jeremy DeWaard, PhD
Monitoring biodiversity responses to natural and anthropogenic disturbances in BC’s forests: the application of DNA barcoding (completed)
Manal Fayed, MSc
Metabolite variation in ecologically diverse black cottonwood, Populus trichocarpa Torr. & A. Gray
Tomas Funda, PhD
Population genetics of conifer seed orchards (completed)
Irena Fundova, MSc
In situ wood quality assessment in interior spruce (completed)
Tony Kess, MSc
Reproductive dynamics and fingerprinting effort in a Douglas-fir seed orchard (completed)
Mohamed Ismail, PhD
Molecular genetic diversity among natural populations of Populus (completed)
Chen Ding, MSc
Evaluating interior spruce genetic resource management practices through GIS-based tracking of seed deployment over time and space in British Columbia (completed)
Ben Shu Kwan Lai, MSc
Pollination dynamic in an advanced generation Douglas-fir seed orchard (completed)
Nasim Massah, MSc
Genealogical relationship among members of selection and production populations of yellow-cedar (Callitropsis notkatensis) in the absence of parental information (completed)
Yang Liu, PhD
Genomics of seed dormancy (in progress)
Omniya Gamal, PhD
Genomic selection (in progress)
Blaise Ratcliffe, MSc
Genomic selection (in progress)

Current Courses

Winter 2014

FRST302 Forest Genetics Sections

Population genetics and conservation of genetic resources; principles of genetics and their application to forestry.

Winter 2014

FRST513 Biotechnology in Tree Improvement Sections

Advanced research topics and their application to forest genetics. Emphasis on molecular genetics and experimental protocols.

Selected Publications

Klápšte, J., M. Lstiburek and Y.A. El-Kassaby. (2014). Estimates of genetic parameters and breeding values from western larch open-pollinated families using marker-based relationship Tree Genetics and Genomes 10:241–249 DOI 10.1007/s11295-013-0673-1
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