Canada Research Chair in Wood and Fibre Quality (term completed)
Forest Sciences Centre 4030
2424 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4
work phone: 604-822-0196

Areas of research include:

  • Tree biotechnology
  • Relationship between genes expression and phenotypic fibre characteristics
  • Plant Metabolism (Metabolomics)
  • Cell Wall Development
  • Cellulose Biosynthesis
  • Lignin Biosynthesis
  • Lignocellulosic chemistry and ultrastructure as it relates to wood quality
  • Fibre morphology and chemistry as related to the formation and properties of paper
  • Enzyme applications in the pulp and paper industry
  • Enzyme-substrate interactions


Identification and Selection of Fast-growing Poplar Genotypes for Sequestration of Carbon & Biomass Production


Spruce Forest Health Genomics

enome British Columbia/Genome Canada

Employing Metabolic Profiling as a screening technology for Internal Checking of Radiata Pine

WQI Limited, New Zealand

Evaluating Canada’s Underutilized Species, Hybrid Poplar, for the Value-Added Industry

NRCAN/CFS Value-Added

Metabolic profiling of radiata pine – proof of concept

WQI Limited, New Zealand

Genetic engineering of cellulose biosynthesis in hardwood and softwoods


Wood quality assessment technology for the value-added industry

NRCAN/CFS Value-Added

Characterizing wood and fibre properties by metabolite profiling

NSERC Strategic Grant

Identification and performance of ethanologenic Saccharomyces strain for fermentation of galactose from lignocellulosic hydrolysates


Laboratory for wood and fibre quality


Bioprocessing centre for sustainable fuels and chemicals


Canada Research Chair (Tier II) – Wood and fibre quality.Department of Wood Science, Faculty of Forestry, UBC


Increasing yield and cellulose by modification of carbohydrate allocation and metabolism

NSERC Partnership Grant (CellFor Inc.)

Study of the effects of the over-expression (ectopic) and vascular-specific expression of UGPase, SUSY, invertase and SPS on cellulose synthesis

CellFor Inc.

Influence on chemical pulp processibility of genetically modified lignin subunits

CellFor Inc.

Analysis of transformed Poplar and Spruce for pulping and fibre quality

CellFor Inc.

Analysis of Poplar modified for altered lignin

CellFor Inc.

Elucidating the variations in fibre chemistry and morphology of Aspen clones to improve pulp processing and quality

NSERC Discovery Grant

Strength Testing of Hemlock for Strongwood Products


Chemical analysis of beetle killed Lodgepole pine

Ainsworth Inc.

Unit Associations

Department of Botany

Professional Affiliations

American Chemical Society ACS
Australasian Pulp and Paper Industry Technical Association APPITA 
Canadian Society of Plant Physiologists CSPP
Poplar Council of Canada PCC
Pulp and Paper Technical Association PAPTAC
Society of Wood Scientists and Technologists SWST


Scientific Achievement Award (SAA), IUFRO (given only every 5 years) , 2010
ir Frederick MacMaster Fellowship, CSIRO Australia , 2007
Fellow of the International Academy of Wood Science , 2007
Senior Early Career Scholar, Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies , 2006
Canada Research Chair in Wood and Fibre Quality, NSERC, 2001 (renewal 2006) , 2001

Current Graduate Students

Tsung Jeng (Kent) Chen, MSc
Investigating the role of Sucrose Synthase in Arabidopsis and Poplar
Francis de Araujo, MSc
Wood Quality of Aspen and White Spruce in Boreal Mixedwood Forests
Foster (James) Hart, MSc
Does heterosis impact cell wall traits in hybrid aspen?
Magdalena Hrynkiewicz-Moczulski, MSc
Investingating the role of endoglucanase on cell wall development and ultrastructure
Ahmed Kenawy, PhD
Isolation, Characterization and Gene Expression of Salicylic Acid Glycosyltransferase Genes in Hybrid Poplar
Lisa McDonnell, PhD
Investigating the Role of Cellulose Synthases in the Biosynthesis and Properties of Cellulose in Secondary Cell Walls
Grant McNair, PhD
Investigating the role of Cobra-Like genes in Populus cell wall development
Faride Unda, PhD
Carbon Allocation in Hybrid Poplar: the role of the Raffinose Family of Oligosaccharides (RFO)
Li Xi, PhD
Investigating the role of Arabinogalactan proteins (AGP) on cell wall development in Populus
Amanda Johnson, MSc
Impact of Cell Wall Chemistry and Ultrastructure on Bioenergy production
Sofiya Lazarova, MSc
Assessing the impact of sucrose phosphate synthase on carbon allocation in Populus
Danyu Yao, MSc

Current Courses

Winter 2014

FRST311 Plant Physiology I Sections

Mechanisms and regulation of functional processes contributing to the assimilation, transport and utilization of water, mineral nutrients and carbon by plants. CHEM 230 is recommended.

Winter 2014
No APBI course(s) were found for W2014 term.

Selected Publications

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