Associate Professor
Research Interests:
Forest Sciences Centre 3030
2424 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4
work phone: 6048223442

My research investigates the impacts of natural and anthropogenic disturbance and climate variation on temperate forest dynamics using a combination of permanent research plots and historical reconstructions based on tree rings.

My research program has four major themes:

  1. successional processes, natural disturbance and ecosystem management of coastal temperate rainforests of British Columbia,
  2. historic fire regimes, fire-vegetation-climate interactions in montane forests of the Canadian Cordillera,
  3. temporal dynamics and function of coarse woody debris in terrestrial and riparian forests, and
  4. mechanisms of change and influence of climate variation on altitudinal treelines

Research Areas

Forest dynamics
Disturbance regimes
Climatic variation and change
Human impacts on forests


Henry C. Cowles Award for Excellence in Publication , Biogeography Specialty Group, Association of American Geographers , 2005
Killam Teaching Award, Faculty of Arts, University of British Columbia , 2007
Physical Geography Professor of the Year (2009-10, 2005-6, 2003-4), Geography Students Association, Department of Geography, University of British Columbia

Current Graduate Students

Alexandra Pogue, MSc
MarcAntoine Leclerc, MSc
Wesley Brookes, MSc
Greg Greene, PhD
Raphael Chavardes, PhD
Andrew Innerd, PhD

Post Doctoral Fellows and Research Assistants

Dr. Estelle Arbellay (PDF)

Current Courses

Winter 2016

FRST211 Forest Classification and Silvics Sections

Forest classification and the application of silvics in forest management, including world forest classification systems, the Biogeoclimactic Ecosystem Classification system, and ecosystem diagnosis in the field.

Winter 2016

FRST320 Abiotic Disturbances: Fire and Climate Sections

Ecological effects of fire and climatic (wind, temperature, and snow) disturbances; fire danger rating, principles of fire management and prescribed fire use; windthrow risk modeling and management.

Selected Publications

Chavardes, R.D. and L.D. Daniels (2016). Altered mixed-severity fire regime has homogenized montane forests of Jasper National Park International Journal of Wildland Fire 25: 433-444
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