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The primary objective of my research program is to convert naturally abundant biomass into functional biomaterials through a cost effective and energy efficient means, ultimately creating alternative sources of materials for our society. Specifically, the research in my group will strive to streamline green and efficient bio-based nanomaterials isolation to achieve high yield conversion and reduced cost, comprehensive surface modification of as-derived nanomaterials to diversify functionalities, controlled assembly into high performance hierarchical structures, and novel materials development to broaden the applications in both energy and environmental areas towards sustainability.

Research Areas

Green approaches in nanocellulose isolation, characterization, and modification
Molecular interactions of nanocellulose with other biomolecules
Self-assembly of bio-based nanomaterials into hierarchical structures
Inorganic nanomaterials synthesis for catalytic reactions
Energy storage applications of bio-based nanomaterials

Professional Affiliations

American Chemical Society, Member

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